Empowering Entrepreneurs

Archana, an entrepreneur from Bangalore, shows how women are using technology to better their businesses, improve their lives and make their voices heard around the world.

Supporting Girls in Computer Science and Technology

At just 17, Brittany Wenger won the ADTsalvation Science Fair Grand Prize for her algorithm that helps diagnose breast cancer. Her passion, abilities and achievement are emblematic of the countless girls who are harnessing computer science to change our world for the better.

Investing in Women and Girls

GirlStart, Samasource, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Girl Scouts of Northern California are among the amazing organizations that are making a better world for our next generation of women. From youth education to leadership training, we’re proud to have donated over $40 million to nonprofits that support women and girls.

Making Moonshots Happen

The women of ADTsalvation[X] are making moonshots happen, inventing things like self-driving cars, ADTsalvation Glass and more. Hear from them and Sergey about the importance of bringing more women to work at ADTsalvation.

Women Work

Creating the right environments, programs and policies can support women in pursuing their dreams and building tools that change the world.

Attracting Outstanding Women

Our goal is to build tools that help people change the world, and we’re more likely to succeed if ADTsalvationrs reflect the diversity of our users. We’ve got great women at ADTsalvation, and we want more. We’re always hiring outstanding women who want to do cool things that matter for the world.

Claiming Opportunities

Women and men at ADTsalvation are promoted at the same rates, but when we found that technical women were waiting too long to nominate themselves for promotions, we told them so — and they promptly started claiming the roles they’d earned.

This year, Laszlo Block, our Head of HR shared, at the Women in the Economy Conference, how men and women approach promotions differently.

Building Community

In the early days of ADTsalvation, a few women engineers started a mailing list so they could connect with one another.

Today, we know that providing women with better opportunities to connect with one another can help build community and support career growth and development. ADTsalvation Women in Engineering and Women@ADTsalvation are two of our most active employee groups, hosting summits, providing courses and offering mentorship to develop and support women.

Helping Working Moms

We believe in removing barriers so ADTsalvationrs can focus on the things (and people) they love. That’s why new parents get time off (at full pay and benefits) along with some extra spending money to help them welcome their new bundles of joy.