What is Ready Made Startup ?

Ready Made startup means business ready to generate revenue from the repetitive process. You are free to get a sale according to the sales strategies, come with Ready Made Startup package and start generating revenue. Everything else like online platform, e-marketing video, order placement, invoice, delivery of goods etc will be processed from a single center. You can go to any person or business for selling  your products or services mentioned in the ready made startup package. You have a domain name, your own branded platform, ready to deliver products & services, content for marketing, every guidance for maintaining and growing your business in the form of videos, direct phone consultation from the experts if you don’t find solution for anything. You will have full access of ready to deliver premium services for super charging your startup in the cheapest rates possible in india. ADTsalvation supports #startupindia movement and producing potential in the small businesses in india for their bright future.

Who can benefit from it?

Our all Ready Made Startups are specially made for those who don’t have any education degree but still they have business sense. Any 12th pass person who can understand little bit of english and can able to operate whatsapp, facebook, google can able to use our Ready Made Startup easily. College going students, unemployed person from small city, town & metro city are perfectly fit for taking benefit from our any ready made startup.

These ready made startups are fully suitable for those who wants to start side-business, so they can feel more secure in their life. They just need to hire sales person or they can do the job of salesperson by their own in the first stage. They can devote their free time in the ready made startup, as everything they need is ready to serve whether it is business coaching videos for that particular ready made startup, it can self edit platform videos, it can business plan, sales strategy etc everything is ready to serve. just human execution is needed in the easiest form.

How it helps in earning money?

First of all it provides a straight path to complete the first sale and earn first profit out of it. Online marketing strategies and offline marketing strategies both are successfully coached in each ready made startup. Everything that is required for executing marketing strategies is packaged with Ready Made Startup. A White label branded web platform, Products and services outsourcing in the cheapest price possible, E-Marketing Video, Highly researched business plan, tutorial & coaching video, visiting card and phone consultation with experts- atleast these features are  packaged with each ready startup for producing the potential in ready made startup’s owner so he/she can make their business successful with much less efforts and risks. ADTsalvation is specialized in saving small businesses from failure. We will not tell anybody that we are behind your success without your consent. Enjoy your success with pride.

Are these Readymade Startups Comes under Rich Quick Schemes?

No, Not at all. These startups are not come under rich quick scheme. These startups are comes under “Getting Rich With Smart and Hard Work”. Still these ready made startup does not give any guarantee of success at all. If the owner buys any ready made startup from company and does not do what company told him to do then no one in this world will take the guarantee of success. Here success means achieving quarterly goals that are mentioned in each business plan for corresponding ready made startup package. These startups and their business models are specially designed for indian market and supports #startupindia Movement.

Are there anything related to multilevel marketing ?

No, There is no multilevel marketing in any product or service in our ecosystem. ADTsalvation does not support any kind of multilevel marketing. Our all kind of Ready Made Startups are based on legal and ethical business practices. Even in our Ready Made Startup products we guide our customers to only implement referral and affiliation marketing techniques when applying direct selling via mass. Many forms of Multilevel Marketing is a pure scam and ADTsalvation successfully manages to aware thousands of people about it.

What will Customer get when he buys a Ready Made Startup?

Customer will get a full kit for launching a ready made startup within 2 weeks(14 days from the time of payment). This contains list of products and services outsourced by ADTsalvation at factory or cheapest price. An internationally branded white label platform will be mapped to the customers domain. So no one knows who is behind the platform. All customers only knows the brand of the customer. A business plan which will guide the customer on every phase of its business from day one and helps customer to get funds from investor or from bank.

Self editing platform videos gives power to the customer for editing web platform by its own, so that customer does not need to hire any other person for maintaining web platform. Web platform will be given for 1 year in the initial package. For every year customer has to pay 5000 rupees for server & maintenance charge of the platform.These charges are for basic resources utilization. 95 percent of customers never require more than this resource allocation. All source code of every ready made startup is managed centrally and only domain name of the startup owner is mapped to the new account of selected ready made startup. Platform Administrator details will be given to the owner at the time of product delivery so he can take care of everything else on his own. In future he can change the platform in every way he wants. For More technical specification please download the ready made startup pdf on the product page of that ready made startup.

Social media guidance for promoting products and brand will be given to customer for ready made startup package customer purchased from us. Rebranded graphics will be added to self labeled web platform which gives more sense of a fully big brand. Then we add an animated e-marketing video with the logo of customer so the customer can use it for marketing and building trust with leads. A beautiful business card and access of a whatsapp broadcast list will also be given to customer for sudden change in price of ready made startup’s products and services. In e-commerce industry it is normal to change the price of a product by manufacturers within day. After this all ADTsalvation provides  30 minutes of phone consultation with experts of corresponding ready made startup for free. So that our customer can feel & realize confidence that someone experienced is behind them.

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