For social welfare and community raising , ADTsalvation offers various internships and trainings in diverse range of producing digital properties and providing online business services. 1000’s of  candidates / corporates / graduate & post graduate college students / freshers got their successful training at ADTsalvation campuses in delhi Ncr region. The placement rate of our trained people are 100 percent. One reason behind our success is our approach of giving tactic based training and selfmade technology infrastructure opon which our instructors have given the trainings.

According to ADTsalvation ,internships and trainings are real time practice of candidates brain in real use cases / projects / tasks . Experience of providing services & products to diverse range of customers / clients in last 7 years made us simply confident while enjoying serving our customers and seeing business growing. Our trainings and internships are hundred percent transparent when talking about why,how,when for any question asked by candidate. We always serves our best in proving the knowledge that matters for their career and professional life.