Offers entrepreneurship programmes with practical knowledge and smart approach. Introduces whole new approach of training entrepreneurship in real time while giving training in live sessions in several branches throughout country. ADTsalvation offers a new kind of programme in which secondary education pass out student can also apply. The very easy and effective way of teaching the core parts of entrepreneurship is the main treat for all candidates/corporates.

Our approach needs the advanced use of technology for establishing so many of online businesses in bulk with appropriate return on investment. For every new candidate for the course of entrepreneur hip ADTsalvation only select those who can drive the prebuild online business models. For the election purposes ,applicants should take care of following requirements:

  • Secondary Education / 12th pass or above
  • Average level in english language
  • Strong I.Q Intelligence Quotient
  • Moderate E.Q Emotional Quotient
  • Average Problem Solving Skills
  • Moderate User of Mobile Applications
  • Basic Knowledge of Web/Internet/Computer
  • Good LeaderShip Quality
  • High Collaboration Level
  • X – Factor

Duration: 6 months ,1 year , 2 year

  • 6month- Offers a blog with a selected niche of e-commerce affiliated products business stream.
  • 1year-    Offers  a blog with Anything As A service web application
  • 2year-    Offers an ecosystem of web applications,A giant business model for future career makers.

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