Our courses, certifications, digital properties & digital services are offering appreciable discounts in our prices. ADTsalvation platform account is free for candidates of registered colleges as a gift only for indians. College students should have unique pin number provided by ADTSalvation Private Limited. After this they can get their pro account from our support center.

Company embeds micro entrepreneurship module in each student and permit to embed its networking system in college environment for better results. We also provide white label solutions to the colleges so no-body knows who is behind your success. Platform is able to double the placement ratio of students and brings out self made entrepreneurs from available crowd. Platform specialises in bringing practical world training on real projects so candidates from various niches can comfortably learn the secrets of success while earning money. Platform provide wide range of business models running in live production mode while harnessing value for their betterment. It can be a web application having 10k users, e-commerce web platform with 10k hits per day, media object gaining revenue from ads, video production, audio production, business management automation, online marketing, online sales, video song with 1million views and much more. This all execute from one dedicated machine on cloud provided by ADTsalvation Platform as a modern multi networking enable cloud operating system which is easy to use & adopt by non tech user also.

ADTsalvation always wants to provide & facilitate free access of this platform to all colleges of india. It may take few more time to achieve these wishes. Till then user can shop here in college quota.