Digital Properties can be termed as digital products.Whenever there is use of technology in any kind of solution/product/software/website/online service package etc. can be mentioned as Digital Product. In the making of Appropriate Digital Property , value is the main concern. If any digital property does not have something different/fresh/valuable for people it is termed as Trash. ADTsalvation involves in creating,customising,assembling different parts of each digital property and then combine them in such an appropriate way by which we can stand with different/fresh/valuable. The name of some of them are as below:

  • Web Applications: In todays world almost every business is going to be online soon. Web has changed all the ethics of doing business before internet. A web application can be a web app for static pages or it can be a highly dynamic collection of dynamic web pages. It can cost $5 or it can cost $5000 or sometimes its $50000. Web application normally consist of outer and inner structure of execution of any cloud based online modern business. You can learn each part of web application from in-depth and quickly make your own app for own success in no time.
  • Online Business Services: In the world of online business ,after making web app the requirement of hundreds and thousands of services required for running the business through web application. Processes like online marketing cannot be done in making of web application . It is counting as different service required for running and growing business. If we take Server Hosting ,it is also a service that is separate from web application.CRM implementation in business case is also a service termed under online business services. You can learn any of services in real time projects and in transparent corporate environment.
  • Media Production: It is one of the most important part in running any non media production business and it is also a business in itself as media production. Tv commercials,sound design,vfx,photography,jingles,phemplates,news writing,news production etc are few among other services ADTsalvation delivering for media production and non media production use cases. You can learn any of them while working on live real time projects for clients and businesses.
  • Live Performance-In modern world live performances everything is digitally enhanced and can be comfortable termed as a kind of digital property. Giving a speech in hall of 100 people can be a good digital property if recorded. ADTsalvation is training  youth for delivering live performances that have values and profit both.

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