Evolving Technology industry has opened vast array of niches in which todays student can opt. In the business of creating,selling and maintaining digital properties with the online business services ,ADTsalvation requires a large pool of certified freelancers and certified part time employees for company in coming years. For fulfilling the human resource requirement ADTsalvation has introduced process based certification for the 1000’s of processes used while making Appropriate Digital Properties and related online business services.

Certification ensures top notch quality in various processes by the certified ADTsalvation human resource.In Most cases we hire the certified candidate as a freelancer/part time employee in several ongoing processes in ADTsalvation ecosystem.We offers certification for school students start from 8th standard.Services like content writing,use case testing,playing instrument for a digital property etc.

The fees structure of these certifications are under pockets of middle class and lower middle class people in india continent.The basic criteria for this certification is:

  • Primary Education / 8th pass or above
  • Average level in english language
  • Strong I.Q Intelligence Quotient
  • Moderate E.Q Emotional Quotient
  • Average Problem Solving Skills
  • Moderate User of Mobile Applications
  • Basic Knowledge of Web/Internet/Computer
  • Good LeaderShip Quality
  • High Collaboration Level
  • X – Factor