The importance of doing business with ethics and transparency are the two most important factors while doing business globally. Wide range of adtsalvation digital properties and digital services have made for solving critical problems in context with return on investment and user experience while running, maintaining and developing world most appropriate digital properties incubating platform on cloud. Digital property can be anything like your website, web app, personal music, music video, advertisement, business management issue, online marketing campaign, live performance, text, image, animation and any mixture of them.

ADTsalvation operates number of subsidiaries which are responsible for their specific work which is required when any digital property and digital service ordered by any user, customer & company. A single digital property is prepared by the help of top notch skilled people , worlds top technology & quality is checked by unique self made 7 sigma quality check process which assure us and our beloved customers more than ever.

Integration of ADTsalvation Platform in any business is possible and we are providing this service of integration in any platform globally. ADTsalvation business process integration is the core part of our platform. Basically creating digital properties and delivering online business services are the kindoff precisely taken workflows in which precise use of human input can make an appropriate digital property that matters for human.

Products and Services we offer for businesses are as follows:

  • Appropriate Digital Tactic Engine – Smart query engine with the power of GUI on web , built with super famous cms wordpress.It facilitates easy integration with any platform via using Rest API-2. It helps your employees ,customers and friends to cultivate something that mat matters for valuable use. Business can comfortably use this platform for finding ,applying and testing diverse range of digitally executable tactics for making impossible possible with the ease like never before.
  • Appropriate Digital Properties Premium Support Plan- Businesses can purchase their fortune and show them world as their effort. Giving white label solutions is our utmost priority as everyones loves own brand if doing serious business.
  • Earn Money Via ADTsalvation Affiliation- Everybody needs one or more kind of digital property available in our store. This way it is a golden chance to marketers and smart guys around for delivering customers to ADTsalvation in exchange of shining money. No earning limits , no hidden charge backs.
  • Be a Partner- We take partner as serious partner in the race of revolutionising india and making earth a better place than before. Certified partners cannot able to make multiple amount of money if he is doing his business without us. We took the major parts of business into our bucket and giving the responsibility of drive and boosting the business towards success with the less hassles he/she has ever experienced.we really love the way our partners says they are blessed with us.
  • Be a Franchisee – Ready to invest for doing something better rather than wasting time and counting money.Be a major part in our journey for signing in as franchisee holder in any city of india.Your duty is to handle the physical infrastructure and rules maintenance ,in exchange of this we will provide you the 10 percent of money we earn because of your arranged human resource under your strictness at your place. We also offers special bonuses after respectful execution of franchisee owner.

For any kind of query please contact support center.