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Tasks Automated


Potential Produced

Social Network of Human Factors


Make network relationships with other users based on your human factor. Human factor is composed of skills, talents and behaviour of particular kind of human being. Invite your selected connection to be a part of your execution.

Intelligent Store of Business Digital Property and Processes

For executing a good idea you need a diverse range of processes and different kind of other digital properties. Select wide range of services offered by ADTsalvation for completing your idea to success in least time and least money.



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Appropriate Digital Tactic Engine

Digital tactics are smart collection of workflows driven by human and machine. ADTsalvation provides robust platform for creating processes consist of automated and human driven workflows for almost diverse kind of task activities required for completing a digital property from scratch to return on investment.


Drag & Drop Click UI

Platform is built for providing ease of using user interface for completing different kinds of Tactics over this platform. Platform UI is built by using different technologies supporting web2.0 standards. Drag and Drop components are making our platform a fun while using it with increase addiction every time you visit ADTsalvation.

Inbuilt AI Components

Use of Artificial Intelligence while executing Appropriate Digital Tactics is a joy we served for with our various processes, services and digital products. Technology that understands human relationship networks in accordance with overall activity generated by humans & machines both. After that ADTsalvation serve solutions and suggestion to users and their users too.

Inbuilt Process Automation

Includes automation of several parts of application for various processes using machine and human.

High Assurance

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Coin System: Virtual Currency

Pay Per Activity

Point System

Use centralised currency system as “coins”. The value of each coin is equals to 1 indian rupee. You can use coins for any transaction in ecosystem. Spend and Earn in the form of secured digital currency.

Cross Device Web Apps

An unordinary app as a platform that helps human in achieving success in diverse areas of human life by giving opportunity of making & generating digital properties with ease of proven success. Leave remark on earth by downloading this must app on your devices now!


Complex, flexible API documentation

ADTsalvations’s API allows you to adapt your ideas to fit your workflow. Whether it’s time to integrate with AI or build your own XaaS, we’ll scale with your business. Our API offers in-depth documentation, tools downloads, and how-to documents. Almost all the data and functionality within our app is accessible with an API key, so the possibilities are endless.

Speed up your Life

Perfect Life Starting in seconds with Smart App. Drag and Drop your imaginations for your success. That’s truly awesome