ADTsalvation first uses this term as cloud factor. In wikipedia there is nothing called cloud factors. Now what the heck is this cloud factor?

In simple language cloud factor is the special, functional & logical feature of cloud computing infrastructure.By using web or internet human connects themselves to cloud via their mobile or computer devices.Here the term cloud factor comes into play , this ways document sharing and real time collaborative document editing are the two different cloud factor human uses for its use of purpose & benefits.

ADTsalvation ecosystem uses thousands of softwares, scripts, open sources , self written codes and cms customisations for establishing a full integration of all human factors with thousands of cloud factors. On ADTsalvation Platform cloud factors are continuously growing with the smartness like never before. Use of machine learning while integrating human factors into cloud factors or vice versa makes this platform exponentially smarter day by day , user by user ,open source by open source,skill by skill,talent by talent & knowledge acquisition by knowledge acquisition.

Cloud factors gives power of execution much faster than before and automates 70 percent of productivity and execution based processes . For achieving materialistic salvation ADTsalvation user has to learn both kinds of factor for basic inputs. This process of input is as easy as 1..2..3.. on ADTsalvation Platform. Cloud factors integrates power of unlimited cloud computing processing directed by human minds .AS human & cloud factors have mapped into each other from in depth root case.

This ways cloud factor is the new and valuably unique human machine interaction logic for solving complex problems of mass computing with ease of scale.

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