Whole ADTsalvation Platform Technology uses Complex mixture of several hundreds softwares,scripts,open source solutions,data concepts and API’s. Digital properties produced by adtsalvation company has derived from adtsalvation.me genie business & artistic architecture. All computing infrastructure & appropriate digital tactics originate from adtsalvation.me platform.This adtsalvation.Me platform integrated with A Human Being Name as Akash Deep Tanwar which abbreviates as ADT too. As By Coincidence or By Luck or By Brain We used this Abbreviation for naming our entire brand as ADTsalvation where ADT stands for Appropriate Digital Tactics and Salvation stands for Being Saved from some dire situation as example- Creating a Non Valuable Digital Property or Executing a Process with null or depreciated resultant.

Akash Deep Tanwar uses data conceptualisation for integrating his current time artistic,logical & practical brain process architecture in Digital Ecosystem Technology Architecture. This way machine knows how to deliver so many valuable digital products ,properties & services to so many people at the same time. Akash Deep Tanwar knows each artistic,logical & practical knowledge with his hard earned experience and way of solving problems while producing & executing those things that matter to human. Our complex machine learning workflow learns from several resources like internet,existing database and all kinds of activities & critical updations done by Human Body called as adtsalvation.me .

From adtsalvation.me platform all digital properties and online business services are tuned and checked from depth before starting taking orders or any sale of that particular digital property or online business services from our public official address at ADTsalvation.com