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Appropriate Digital Properties

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ADTSALVATION platform is smart and precised blend of


Artistic Creativity

We embed artificial intelligence to understand various factors involves in making successful Internet Star Artists of various kinds with entrepreneurial qualities. Our Technology smartly integrate with 40 kinds of artistic brains by evaluating their activities on cloud. Artists can use this platform as launching stage of their career or their all time office for realise them their materialistic salvation.


Digital Tactics

Making feasibility of valuable digital property needs keen problem solving tactics with the precise degree of valuable uniqueness embedded all over & everywhere in finished digital property. We provide digital tactic problem solving engine by which producing digital properties like Mobile application full fledged business, famous music video ,successful online campaign etc will never been easier & funfully before.


Valuable Businesses

Art of doing smart businesses over web in wide range of deeply customised unique business models. Our company does not provide pdf formats of some textual training stuff with 10 dynamic web pages instead of we are providing real time business model framework for running,executing,competing almost every kind of online business with the ease and perfection like never before

Essential Smart App

An unordinary app as a platform that helps human in achieving success in diverse areas of human life by giving opportunity of making & generating digital properties with ease of proven success. Leave remark on earth by downloading this must app on your devices now!

Startup setup

Zero Knowledge Required

Produce Media

With Your Imagination

Digital Process Execution

Power of smart Automation

Increase Profit

Anyhow with positive effect


Creativity Cultivated

Company provides Smart Cloud Operating System that is used while generating any kind of digital property & digital services. This Platform is based on smart technology architecture made via using various web api’s, softwares, business concepts , open source technology , diverse range of smart workflows & artificial intelligence in various aspects. Platform is optimised for non tech users so  common people can operate it to make their life materialistic salvated by generating fame, money, respect and value from current life easily with fun

non-tech-userNon Tech User Optimised GUI

Platform build for common people who can be anyone who has good interaction with computer devices like their mobiles,ipads,laptops etc but primary education is must to register as any kind of user. Operating system  is completely optimised for the use of general people or people who are not using technology but they are ready to use their mobiles at least. A common people can able to use it by getting identified by our network on the basis of skills and talents . Our superior support team is always ready to provide the best experience we imagined for our beloved users.

affordable-pricingJoin-Earn-Pay Affordable Pricing

The Highly flexible pricing structure makes the experience awesome , while producing commercial digital properties & digital services. The integration of  appropriate digital tactics also lets you earn after joining this platform. Users can join platform for free as basic user, if you want then you can earn and upgrade your account for more exposure with the opportunities available in more than 100 categories of human being classified as factors of human beings. Users can able to upgrade their any product & service at their wills.


Commercial ISO 2001:9008 Certified

Producing digital properties needs accurate way of maintaining high in-depth details for the quality that matters for humans around. There is no rule if you really want to use creativity that has value, thats why, for better precision of right decisions we embed acute process completion feedback checks almost at every step, we proudly integrated worlds first robust quality checks while delivering all processes in every digital property and services our platform generates.

Why Use This App

Next Generation Digital Property Making Technology Platform

User can able to make, assemble, create, opearate, manage & execute many digital properties & digital services on cloud using adtsalvation platform. Platform consists of world’s greatest business models ready to use in their unique running form. User can use the whole platform as an app and website both. Platform consists digital services generating engine that helps new enthusiasts, startups, artists, various companies, individuals, freelancers and common people to use this platform for achieving success in least amount of time with ease and fun they deserve.

Be Ahead and Remain Smart with Appropriate Digital Tactics

A valuable digital property is a complex mixture of numerous world class processes or tactics that contains various artistic , professional , qualitative & complex approaches by which a digital property is able to shine itself in its customer base. On this Platform anyone who has basic understanding of any skill can able to harness appropriate success by using appropriate digital tactics marketplace with the speed of productivity like never before.

Buy Self Customized Appropriate Digital Properties & Services

Digital properties & digital services are involved in almost every kind of business in current days of 2017. Our store consisting of several appropriate digital properties with highly flexible pricing structure for developing, generating & maintaining your digital property with appropriate skills and talents. Store is easy to use and comfortable in user experience viz. for non tech users. Basic digital properties account is free to use, so user can grow by which somehow we will grow. We are increasing free digital properties of various kinds on day by day basis. Keep in touch and chase for materialistic salvation.

Practically Predict and Achieve Materialistic Salvation in Real World

Every human on earth born with by-birth talents and qualities.This platform identifies those traits & factors from users data with their input. Platform predicts the time taken by the user for achieving materialistic salvation based on current skillets, talents, knowledge acquisition & dedication rate. Win-win situation will never be far If user followed our possible derived shortest path for his/her materialistic salvation on earth. Join Now & Start Experiencing !

Direct Integration With 100's of skill viz. humam factors

This app categorises users based on their skilful characteristics and these characteristics called as human factors based on their current career or career they want to pursue. Human factor are also based on talent and artistic value users have by their practice or by-birth quality gift. Platform consists option of selecting human factors for new signed up user example- graphic designer, sports man , farmer , students , house wife, property dealer ,activist etc. .

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Brand Marketplace

Appropriate Digital Tactics Marketplace. At the time of creating digital properties, adtsalvation platform requires digital tactics for completing range of complex processes for giving birth to uniquely new valuable digital property . For user it is as easy as working on your iPad & shopping on e-commerce website like everyday use or editing your photos in your favourite phone photos editor. Select ADT and execute it by giving us directions in easiest way possible to get completed digital properties & services . Appropriate Digital Tactics (ADT) are present in ADTMarketplace in various content input & output forms like online forms, videos, automated workflows, infographics, text , image , virtual tours & recorded live performace .


Brand Store

Appropriate Digital Properties Brand-Store. It is consisting several kinds of digital properties and digital services in real world running form, so a user can able to focus on real things rather than the things this platform can able to handle. This platform uses cloud technology, distributed human resource & artificial intelligence for producing number of digital processes that require for making digital properties. Make world changing digital applications for your loved once and earn money, respect & fame by using adtsalvation network api’s. example: e-comm business, music video, online campaign etc. ADTsalvation platform accepts old projects of acceptable digital properties on the strict terms and conditions.


Creativity As A Service

ADTsalvation introduces CAAS-“Creativity as a Service” to the world for helping huge number of startups ,individuals and established medium and large scale companies for diverse range of creative services we offer for integrating valuable creativity into your product .This enables high boost in sales, return on investments and revenue projections. We embed creativity into several kinds of digital properties & digital services like app development, generating real world business models, workflow processes, video production, audio production, online marketing , digital services business model and product refining,  live performance, business management , business analysis and much more.


Best Friend Technology

Platform supports best friend technology architecture for designing various kinds of digital properties and digital services. The main feature of BFT is the architecture that suggests what right and what wrong for the audience of particular digital property & digital service. Evaluates the action of each user on platform and decide what is best for him/her that a best friend can do only for the sake of your profit, comfort & experience.


Advanced Career Counselling

Gives priority to only those users first who have high scores and grade given by our human factor analysis engine technology . It predicts the best possible work option that can be completed by specific user in terms of getting maximum money with least effort. Experience makes our users super powerful when they realise their value now and then. Users can upgrade their levels as any time on the basis of their factor analysis test check .


Cross Device Web App Presence

Our webapps are present on all major devices platforms. You can easily download our application from Android, IOS, Windows and Mac app stores. ADTsalvation Appstore on ADTsalvation platform consist of all in-house official and non-official XAAS based applications that facilitate in producing dogital properties on cloud over web. Our web apps are precisely optimised for non-tech, moderate and advanced user , so a common people can grow easily.

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