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Readymade Startups

Startup Coaching

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Investment & Funding

Feasibility Assessment

Checking if the startup business or idea has any scope of success in indian local region or not

Self Implementation

Get success in the unit test of readymade startup in real world & practical scenario.

Encapsulate Processes

Packaging the best tools, tactics and services required for success of a Readymade Startup

Startup Delivered

A branded readymade startup delivered to commom man with support & consultation, hence Potential Produced


It is specially designed readymade startup for the eCommerce small business owners. The business model is highly feasible. Any person who has passed secondary education and able to operate whatsapp plus facebook, can operate this business too. Although person will require a basic training of 4-5 hours via hindi & english tutorials given with this package. Person can earn handsome profit from the first week.


Many consulting & coaching companies focus on one stage of the business lifecycle. ADTsalvation is a bit different — we work with clients at each stage: start-up, growth and maturity. We understand the problems small business owners have to deal with every day: budgets are tight, resources are limited, and a beautiful planning document isn’t worth much if the plan isn’t implemented.

Feasibility Assessment

Checking if the problem or idea has any scope of success or not

Smart Coaching

Producing potential by coaching the people about how it can be solved

Tested Solutions

Providing the best tools,tactics and services required for success

Guaranteed Results

Delivering guaranteed solution, hence Potential Produced

Startup Business Success Coaching

We help business owners create a business that can run without them with our proven Process & Tactics.

Feasibility Assessment

Calculates if there is a valid market for the idea, product or service.

Process Management

Establishing process measurement systems that align with your goals.

Business Plan

A detailed plan covering every aspect of your business

legal matters

The right legal consultancy at affordable prices

Execution Plan

Planning & management of the tasks & processes for business operations

DEck presentation

We help you make price presentation of your startup

Marketing Plan

How you reach market and what impact you will leave.

Filtering Proposals

We filter all the potential investors and only make you meet the best.


ADTsalvation also provides inhouse business services for businesses and individuals. Services related to technical field, digital marketing, media production, certifications & trainings are fulfilling our clients need with guaranteed satisfaction.

Website development

Video ADS Production

Mobile Application

Human Resource

Digital Marketing

Software Solutions

Workflow design


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